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Mars Drinks (Flavia)


FLAVIA's FRESH RELEASE brewing system serves a delicious fresh cup every time. The water unlocks the sealed pack releasing the aromatic ingredients brewing inside, serving you the perfect cup time after time.

What makes Flavia unique?

Flavia BrewerFreshness
FLAVIA's unique 3-step Source, Seal, Serve process supports our fresh, quality hot drinks expertise. FLAVIA combines all three steps to ensure each delicious cup is absolutely fresh and full of authentic flavor.


Step 1:
First we Source only the freshest and finest coffees, teas and hot chocolates from master roasters and blenders from around the world, including certified and sustainable sources.


Step 2:
Then we Seal in freshness to keep the integrity and aroma of our flavours. The coffee stays rich and bold, the tea full of flavour and the hot chocolate, rich and creamy.


Step 3:
Lastly, we Serve a fresh, tasty cup every time. Our unique Fresh Release brewing system unlocks the sealed ingredients for an amazingly fresh cup - just the way you like it.


Variety & Choice
FLAVIA has something for everyone and for every need - a wide variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates and the option to create your own personalized hot drink.


Convenient & Reliable
FLAVIA's drinks are ready to use and available in seconds; hassle-free, hygienic and reliable.


FLAVIA has 25+ years of innovation and commitment to bringing then finest hot beverages to the home and workplace.

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