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Traditional Brew

Reunion Island

Reunion Island Coffee is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster featuring organic and Fair Trade coffee along with other gourmet blends, origin coffees, whole bean espresso and flavored coffees. They are a proud supplier to many of the finest cafés and restaurants throughout Canada and the U.S.


Reunion Island Coffee blends and roasts gourmet Arabica coffee beans handpicked from the world’s finest growing regions. Their specialty coffees are imported from over 20 countries and offered as single origin coffees or combined to create our signature blends, including espresso. As a wholesale specialty coffee roaster, Reunion Island offers the coffees our customers need to meet growing demand for Fair Trade, organic and other sustainable coffees.

Reunion Island Coffee is a Canadian coffee roaster based in Oakville, Ontario. They roast whole bean coffees for cafés along with ground coffee and espresso for restaurants and other foodservice.


Traditional Brews

Colombia FTO
Sustainable farming practices yield a coffee with full flavor and aroma.

Colombia Las Hermosas
This co-op grown coffee from the Tolima region offers a smooth, bright flavor.

Costa Rica Tarrazu
The volcanic soil of the Tarrazu highlands produces balanced, aromatic beans.

Sumatra Ketambe Dark
Grown on the northern tip of the island, this is a bold, heavy-bodied coffee.

Decaffeinated Dark SWP
Savor the rich flavor and aroma of this European-style decaffeinated coffee.

House Blend
The flavors of Central America, Java and Ethiopia create a full, aromatic cup.

Island Reserve
East African beans add winey notes to this elegant Central American blend.

Privateer Dark
Our flagship blend features the best of Central America, Java and East Africa.

FTO French

Harvested from small South American farms, this coffee is bold and full-bodied