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Traditional Brew

Wolfgang Puck

You know him as a great Chef, but now the Coffee Connection brings you a little slice of gourmet into your own home or business. Wolfgang Puck Estate Grown Coffees are crafted from Wolfgang’s own recipe of distinctive and exotic coffee beans chosen from a few selected estates around the world. The product is carefully hand-roasted in small batches to his high standards.


Wolfgang Puck Estate Grown Coffee is produced for hotels and resorts nationwide, and for you. His coffee is available in the following varieties:


Traditional Brews

Provence, Dark Roast WP Reserve, Med. Roast WP Reserve Decaf, Med. Roast
Sorrento, Medium Roast Vienna, Medium Roast Rodeo Dr., Light Roast
Caramel Cream Toscana, Light Roast Toscana Decaf, Light Roast
French Vanilla Decaf French Vanilla Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaf
Hawaiian Hazelnut Jamaica Me Crazy