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The Coffee Connection has been providing water filter solutions since 1987 as coffee is 98% water we always used the best filtration available. Realizing that the filter systems being plumb to the coffee brewers were also ideal for providing fresh filtered great tasting drinking water we began seeking out a cost effective way to chilled the water. 1989 The Cooler Connection was born on the concept of providing a water cooler, a refillable 5 gallon jug and a water faucet so that a customer could refill the jugs from the water filter plumb to the coffee brewer. This value added service boomed through to the end of the second millennium as most offices were using half a dozen 5 gallon jugs per week. The Cooler Connection thrived on the concept of providing filtered water solutions to homes and business with a low fixed monthly fee “less than a dollar per day” this standard rate represented a savings of 75% for most customers.


A new millennium and the evolution of the bottled water coolers was underway incorporating a simple float mechanism to more complex electronically controlled valves, the conversion of the bottled styled water coolers to accept plumb water filtration become common place, the corporate water coolers were now self-filling plumb water coolers and slowly the concept of filter water on the refrigerated appliances was reflective to the evolution for more affordable better tasting water at home.


What’s next...


High-end Cafes, Dinning and Hospitality locations have been offering cold beverage programs featuring both Still and Sparkling water for many years. Leading Corporations are now offering Sparkling water as it is the fastest growing trend in cold beverages. This healthier more cost effective option is a progressive step towards reducing the sugary carbonated pop beverages your staff consumes each day.


With sparkling water we can create an array of natural or unsweetened flavours that will reduce your organizations need to rely on unhealthy sugary beverages without giving up on a fun great tasting cold beverage portfolio. Sparkling water is good not just for your budget but for your overall health, combined with natural flavouring (fruit slices) it can be a leading innovation to your wellness program.


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