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Gloria Jeans

The Coffee Connection brings you Gloria Jeans' Coffee all the way from Australia. Established over 30 years ago, Gloria Jeans' Coffees and Teas have become a global icon with stores in over 20 countries.


As makers of quality hand-made coffee & teas, Gloria Jeans Coffee is famous for:

  • Buying the highest quality Arabica whole bean coffee, hand picked and sorted
  • Then roasted by hand, creating proprietary roasts and blends
  • Gloria Jeans Coffee is a social conscience company, supporting coffee farmers through Rainforest Alliance, sponsoring coffee farming children in Brazil and numerous Australian community initiatives.

You can order Gloria Jeans Coffee from the Coffee Connection:




Classic Reserve Coffee
Smoky espresso blend with a bittersweet finish.

GJ Black Gold Coffee
Medium body with a smoky flavor and tranquil finish.

GJ Special Blend Coffee
Medium body, well rounded and balanced.

GJ Special Blend Coffee - Decaf
Medium body, well rounded and balanced.

25-Cup Variety Pack
5 each of French Vanilla Supreme, Hazelnut, Butter Toffee, Swiss Chocolate Almond and Cappuccino.

Butter Toffee Coffee
Smooth, creamy taste, with a touch of caramel toffee.

Cappuccino Coffee
Rich, creamy flavor with a hint of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Mocha
Bakery fresh cinnamon with a hint of velvety chocolate.

French Vanilla Supreme Coffee
Rich, creamy vanilla flavor.

Hazelnut Coffee
Subtle taste of hazelnut.

Irish Cream Coffee
Irish whiskey and cream flavor, reminiscent of Baileys™ Irish Cream.

Mudslide Coffee
The decadent taste of rich, creamy chocolate.

Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee
Nutty Swiss mocha taste, with almond slivers.

French Vanilla Coffee - Decaf
Rich, creamy vanilla flavor.

Hazelnut Coffee - Decaf
A perfect blend of cinnamon, with the hint of hazelnut.

TEA Chai
A blend of traditional Chai Masala spices in a hearty black tea base.

TEA Chamomile
Caffeine-free. Made from the delicate Chamomile blossom. This mild beverage is popular for its soothing, relaxing properties.

TEA Earl Grey
A blend of China black and Ceylon teas with the essence of Bergamot flavor.

TEA English Breakfast
A blend of China black, Ceylon and Indian teas. Great morning tea, excellent with milk or lemon.

TEA Mango
A blend of China black and Ceylon teas with the essence of mango.

TEA Peppermint Herbal
Naturally caffeine-free. The herbal tisane has been used for centuries to sooth and heal.

TEA Serenity Green
A blend of Chinese and Japanese green teas. It has a milder taste and is lower in caffeine and contains more.

Tea Variety

5 Chai, 5 Green, 5 Mango, 5 English breakfast, 5 Earl Grey