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Timothy’s World Coffee

Timothy's values coffee of superior quality. They believe that quality in coffee is inextricably linked to social and environmental responsibility and that is why the Coffee Connection brings it to your home or business.


Timothy’s purchases exceptional coffees that make a difference in sustainable agriculture, the well being of local communities and the natural environment. Although quality of coffee starts at the source, Timothy's ensures that it remains until the last sip. Their commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by roasting their beans in Canada, allowing for their quality control team to sample each batch.

Each order includes 25 PODs per box.




Limited Time Only - A perfect solution for the new pod user!


Colombian Dorado
Swe et, well rounded Colombian roasted in the traditional Timothy's manner.


Rainforest Espresso

An espresso with a full-body taste



A luscious combination of roasted hazelnut and French vanilla cream


Breakfast Blend

An eye-opening blend with a smooth, easy-going flavour


Italian Blend

Mild dark roasts.


Decaf Colombian

A 97% caffeine-free and pure Colombian coffee