What is Fair Trade?

TransFair or Fair Trade is a non-profit organization that empowers farmers and farm workers to receive fair market value for their products. But it’s much more than just a fair price. Fair Trade is also:

  • Fair compensation for their products and labour
  • Direct trade
  • Democratic and transparent organizations
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Improved social services
  • Investment in local economic infrastructure

Fair Trade is an international system of doing business based on dialogue and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Behind the principles and goals of Fair Trade is an international system of monitoring, inspecting and certification.

Fair Trade Certification not only applies to coffee and teas it also applies to herbs, cocoa, chocolate, fresh fruit, sugar, rice, and vanilla.

The Coffee Connection is a supporter of TransFair Canada. For more information visit:

What is Organic Certification?

Organic Certification or OCIA International is one of the world's oldest, largest and most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry. 

A nonprofit, member-owned, agricultural organization, OCIA is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic certification services and access to global organic markets. 


As providers and consumers of certified organic products, they are committed to environmentally sound stewardship.

For more information visit the Organic Crop Improvement Association

What is the Rainforest Alliance?

Rainforest Alliance – Innovative Solutions for Global Conservation.

The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Companies, co-operatives and landowners must meet rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods. 

Sustainable agriculture is at the centre of the Rainforest Alliance’s efforts and there is collaboration between farmers and conservationists to protect our environment. This collaboration results in sustainable practices which will benefit present and future generations of farmers, consumers and wildlife.

Recently Australian-owned Gloria Jean's Coffees, one of the Coffee Connections main suppliers and one of the world's fastest growing specialty coffee retailers, announced that it will significantly increase the amount of coffee it purchases from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to nearly 3.9 million pounds (1,750 metric tons) this year. 

The increase in beans purchased by the company translates into tremendous benefits for farming communities in Latin America, where the coffee is produced.

Other companies that offer certified sustainable coffee include: Timothy’s World Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

For more information visit the Rainforest Alliance