Virtu Touch Series

Working with both whole beans and ground coffee, the VirtuTouch series offers a wide variety of quality drinks.

The Virtu offers a large display. Besides a modern look it gives a lot of possibilities for communication. The end user can choose on the basis of pictures and enjoy narrowcasting during the short wait. The Virtu supplies you with a reliable and flexible range.

To order, contact The Coffee Connection.

Product Care
  • Rinse cycle on brewer 
  • Rinse cycle on mixing cups 
  • Check and fill hoppers 
  • Empty and clean waste bin 
  • Empty and clean drip tray 
  • Wipe down exterior



The Nio features the trusted CoEx® technology and takes coffeeThe Nio features the trusted CoEx® technology and takes coffeeexperience to the next level with visible beans, illuminated ingredientcanisters, glass detection, adjustable dispense head, advancedtouchscreen technology. The

Nio not only offers variety and customconfigurations, but also can be delivered NIO DEMO with a fresh milk system.


The Zia is a platform for CoEx®, filterfresh®, or instant technology. Featuring glass detection, an all-screen touch display, visible beans the Zia takes hassle-free office coffee a step further.

Besides customized configurations and selections, features include optional payment systems, increased capacities, base cabinets.



Versatile and flexversatile and flexible; these are qualities that the Siro Touch combines effortlessly.

The best and most reliable coffee technique is elegantly presented, as desired in your style. The Siro Touch is ready to be your coffee machine.