Bunn Dual Hopper - Stainless Steel

Portion Control Coffee Grinder Dual (5lbs) Hoppers

Portion controlled for the right amount of coffee every time, with cable interface to compatible BUNN brewers

This equipment will store up-to six pounds of whole bean coffee in each of two hoppers and grind it to a preset grind and amount into an awaiting funnel and filter from most commercial drip coffee brewers. The equipment is only for indoor use on a sturdy counter or shelf. Adequate space must be available above the grinder to raise the lids when adding beans. Use only with whole bean coffee. The grind is preset at the factory to drip specifications as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce and adopted by the Coffee Brewing Center of the Pan American Coffee Bureau. Adjustments may be made to alter both the amount and grind from the factory setting.

  • Four year warranty on grinding burrs
  • Portion controlled for the right amount of coffee every time
  • Precision burrs for consistent, commercial quality grind
  • Two hoppers each hold 6lb (2.72kg) of regular, decaf or specialty coffee beans

Curtis Low Profile - Single Hopper 

5 Pound Single Hopper

Take the “grind” out of grinding coffee beans with Curtis Portion Control Coffee Grinders.

Fits under 21", This Low-Profile Single Hopper model offers a superior grinding systems featuring fully automatic operation. Simply push the button for an effortless 

A host of intelligent design features are incorporated to give you the most efficient, dependable and easy-to operate coffee grinders you will ever use.

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Solid State, Dual Range Timers - Ensures Precise Portion Control In All Portion Sizes
  • Models Ilg & Islg “Interlock” With Gemini Systems - To Create A Foolproof Fresh-Grind/Fresh-Brew Coffee Center
  • Infinitely Adjustable Grind Settings - From Extra-Coarse To Extra-Fine Grinding
  • Fully Adjustable Portion Size - 1 Oz. To 27 Oz. (20 Oz. On Ilg And Islg)
  • Larger Hopper Capacity Than Competitive Models - Reduces Labor Costs With Less Frequent Refills
  • Full-Size Models: Shg: Single 6 Lb. Hopper Dhg/Ilg:Dual 7.5 Lb. Ea. Hopper
  • Low-Profile Models: Slg: Single 5 Lb. Hopper Islg:Single 5 Lb. Hopper
  • One-Button Grinding - Automatically Stops When Portion Is Fully Distributed