F 11 - Espresso & Steamed Milk 


Ideal for 25-75 Employees

Barista quality beverages make for wonderful moments. - Dr Coffee Systems is a leading manufacturer of espresso solutions for numerous global brands, the F 1.1. has been created for the preparation of specialty beverages in the workplace or quick services locations.

29 Preset Recipes allows for the one touch creation of your favorite coffee shop beverages at work. 

The F11 (1 bean, 1 Milk) is great for bean to cup espresso, americano, cafe crema and low pressure brewed coffee. Steamed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more.



Ideal for 75 - 300 Employees

The F2 (2 bean and optional 2 powders) is a great fully functional workplace solution for large offices, bean to cup espresso, fresh milk lattes, cappuccinos and chocolate drinks.

Machine Rentals are often 100% waived as most clients will consume the minimum drinks quantity.