The Coffee Connection has Keurig Brewers that let you enjoy coffees and teas from premier growers around the world. It saves you and your staff hundreds of trips to the coffee shop. Each person can brew their own perfect cup in under a minute.


Choose from over 100 varieties of gourmet branded coffees and teas are available with the Keurig System, including hot cocoa.


Lift the handle, insert the Keurig, select cup size and press brew button.


The secret behind the Keurig Brewed® sensation—is the Patented Keurig® portion pack. Hot water flows through the Keurig at perfect temperature under precise pressure. Each Keurig contains the ideal grind and measure of coffee or tea. The pure paper filter assures superior brewing results. Each cup is freshly brewed inside the Keurig, so no residual taste is left behind to spoil the next cup. Just gourmet coffee with no mess or cleanup.

Keurig - Eccellenza Touch 

Brew exceptional coffee and today's most popular hot specialty beverages–at the touch of a screen. The Eccellenza TouchTM with its high-definition user-friendly 10.1" touchscreen, simplifies the beverage selection process, offers the freshest cup of coffee possible and a wide variety of specialty beverages–all this, ground and brewed to perfection in seconds. Great coffee for even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

10.1" touchscreen featuring intuitive selection process. Designed for large volume or specialty beverage use.

Additional Features
  • Smart technology with auto-diagnostic to alleviate maintenance and service concerns.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity monitors consumables and machine status so you never have to worry about running out or service issues.
  • Energy-saving mode places brewer in stand-by during nights and weekends.
  • 2 Bean Dispensers and 3 Powder Dispensers.
  • Maintenance Free Up to 10,000 Cups (or 12 Months).
  • Smallest Footprint in Marketplace.

Keurig - Momentum  

  • High-quality images on a user-friendly interactive 18” touchscreen to easily identify and enhance the customer experience 
  • Offers a wide variety of up to 60 hot beverage combinations, from an exceptional coffee to the most popular specialty beverages
  • Built for high daily consumption: +300 12oz. cup capacity daily.
  • Two sets of 3 Cup Sizes (12,16,20 oz. or 10,12,16 oz.)
More Specs
  • Vending compatible with full featured coin changer.
  • Step-by-step brewing instructions in English, Spanish or French
  • Hot water on demand.
  • Finished Brew Capacity -- Full Brew 84.5oz

  • 17 3/8”H x 12”W x 18”D
  • 30 Pounds (empty)
  • Water Supply: Direct Line Plumped

High-volume bean to cup machine uses a unique reverse French Press technology for superior coffee quality. With three hoppers for whole beans and powder hoppers for milk, French vanilla, and chocolate powders, allow user to create wide range of specialty beverages.

The Eccellenza Momentum™, offers an exceptional variety of specialty drinks ̶̶̶ all ground, brewed, and delivered at the touch of a screen. The innovative new brewing system brings the coffeehouse experience to high-volume locations, while ensuring convenience, consistent taste, and quality you expect from Keurig®