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Introduced in 2004, Reunion Island's Colombia Las Hermosas project is based on our direct relationship with one of Colombia’s highest quality coffee-growing cooperatives. The program has enjoyed continued success and has become a model of sustainable development that we have endeavored to replicate with other partners.

Our partnership is based on the world-class coffee that is grown on small family farms that surround the small town of Libano in the South Tolima region of Colombia. Over the last five years, we have donated funds toward projects that have assisted these dedicated farmers to continue to improve the quality of the crop. Our first project together was to build parabolic drying beds for each farm. Next, we built a community coffee cupping lab so that farmers could actually taste their beans and develop techniques the to improve flavor and aroma.

Over the last two years, our project was more related to farmers’ families rather than just their businesses. We donated funds that assisted with the reconstruction of clean and functional washroom facilities at schools in the towns of Primavera, El Ruby, San Miguel, La Aurora, La Aldea and San Pablo. This investment has benefited some 700 students at these schools and proper sanitation has resulted in better environmental conditions for the community. Our next project is to build a shared computer lab to serve the community. We are confident that access to the global resources available online will bring both financial and social benefits to the community.

We roast Colombia Las Hermosas to a medium color to develop its smooth, bright flavor and complex aroma. Our cuppers prize this Colombian in particular for its toasted hazelnut and brown sugar flavors that balance with orange zest and mild fruity notes.

Thanks to all of our customers for their continued loyal support of our Las Hermosas project, as well as the farmers who produce this exceptional coffee!

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RI Colombian Las Hermosas